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Beware of scammers contacting you via the contact form!
If you receive a message via the SpainMarketplace contact form and see an IP number (e.g. in the email, check this number first via 'What is my IP'. If the phone is from outside Europe or there is no phone number, be very careful. Or contact us if you are in doubt.

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1. Watch out for the space behind your e-mail address! Remove the space with the back button.
      - Often, a space behind your e-mail address is the reason why you do not proceed to the next step.
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There is a possibility that confirmation e-mails sent to you may be mistaken for ''Spam'' and have entered the ''Spam'' folder, please always check this. Add emails to approved senders. uses responsive design technology.
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Duplicate content is prohibited from publication.

Duplicate content (ads, text, and images) fuels a negative user experience and can affect a brand's credibility. Duplicated Ads are then removed. If duplicate ads are repeatedly placed, IP and E-mail address blocking are applied. More information on act safely.

Manage the promotion of a published advertisement.
(My users)
1. Log in to My
2. Select the advertisement.
3. Then select the [Promote this ad] option.
4. Select a promotion.
You will immediately see the amount and duration. Go ahead. Done!

Resize your images.

To upload photos to websites, these images often have to be reduced or converted to other file formats. Both Windows and Apple offer handy standard tools for reducing images.

My - Manage your ads and account.
With your email address and a password, you have access to My There you can:
* View your advertising overview.
* Advertising statistics.
* Edit, renew, and/or delete your ads.
* Place new Ads faster. (you will no longer receive the confirmation email).
* Add promotions to your Ads.
* Customise your personal details and password in the profile menu.
* Delete your account.

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We have done our best not to leave any bugs in the software, but if you encounter an unexpected problem, you can report it in the contact form. We will solve the problem as soon as possible.
Your category is not listed?
If you want to place an advert and you can't find the correct category, please send an e-mail via the contact form and ask your question. We will make sure that the section is still added. Your Ad must, however, comply with the provisions set out in the headings of the Rules and Conditions.

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